Archimedes Tool

The ARCHIMEDES Tool  for Measuring Social Impact will present a large number of evaluation criteria, resulting in an assessment of the social net present value and the social internal rate of return on projects, actions and investments.

The tool will be able to carry out both ex ante (foreseeable) and ex post (ex post) evaluation and will allow the values created by the allocation of funds to be understood and determined from any source and for any purpose, thereby creating a more effective system of social supervision.

The tool will:

Achieve a holistic value approach

from the economic, environmental and social point of view

Provide reliable and meaningful information

through numerical results on the effectiveness of actions

Improve the evaluation capacity

of all those affected by the implementation of projects, actions and investments

Change attitudes and perceptions

as to what is considered socially beneficial

Improve efficiency

in cost and implementation time

Capacity  Building Actions

Provision of advisory services on strategic planning and human resources organization

Provision of advisory services for the development of internal (manual) operating procedures

Provision of advisory services in the field of communication planning and networking

Expand Internal Network

Installation and configuration of project and contact management software

Implementing Body